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Where do proxies come from and where to find them

Given the fact that in recent years, control over our online activities has become tougher, many users are looking for opportunities to preserve anonymity when visiting various websites, browsing the Internet, downloading content. For these purposes, there are anonymous proxies. Using private servers allows you to:
  • Protect personal data from intruders.  
  • Bypass access restrictions to sites that are blocked by region.  
  • Work with a large number of accounts in social networks, using special programs for promotion of accounts.  
  • Sign in to web resources, even if you are banned from the main ip address.  
  • Increase web page loading speeds by allowing proxy to cache data. Buying personal IP is not difficult, however, to find a working version, it is worth considering – where do the proxies come from? We will talk about this today. Buy high-quality individual proxies

    Where do free proxy servers come from Most Internet users do not see the point of overpaying for anonymous servers, preferring to work with public proxies. We will understand how such services get into free access:
    1. Some sites make publicly available servers for advertising purposes.  
    2. Internet providers offer the possibility of using free proxy directly to their customers.  
    3. Entrepreneurs want to sell individual proxy servers, but first you need to “unwind” the service and collect customers. Thus, a test period is in effect for some time – only later, when a large number of users begin to use free proxies, free access is closed, after which customers are offered to purchase already tested, working servers.  
    4. Often, public IPs get into the network through the fault of system administrators. For example, if after setting up the corporate server, you forgot to restrict access to it from the outside.  
    5. As a result of virus infection, a computer, tablet or mobile device can also function as a proxy every time it connects to the Internet. As you can see, there are quite a few options for getting free proxy. However, over time, finding quality public products is becoming increasingly difficult. The fact is that publicly accessible servers are regularly monitored by technical support specialists of large web portals, after which they are blacklisted. As a result, the use of such IP does not guarantee free access to the necessary sites and protection of personal data. We raise them ourselves having our own subnets and servers.

      Where to get reliable proxies If you want to insure your personal information as much as possible against leaks, we recommend immediately purchasing paid products that are characterized by many positive qualities:
      • Functionality throughout the entire period of use.  
      • Ability to extend the validity period from several weeks to a year.  
      • Fast page loading due to data compression.  
      • Decrease in ping by 2-3 times.  
      • Guaranteed privacy and free access to locked resources.  
      • Wide selection by country, version and protocol.  
      • No failures.  
      • Compatible with any operating system. Please note: if you purchase a proxy server for working with multi-accounts (for example, you are promoting a product or service in social networks), it is advisable to use one ip for every 1-2 profiles. This approach will ensure maximum anonymity and avoid blocking. It is also worth remembering that the speed of loading web pages directly depends on the location of the server. The best option would be to use proxies that are in close proximity to your country or region.

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