Privacy Policy website administration is obliged to maintain your privacy on the Internet. We pay great attention to securing the data you provided to us.

We collect and process your personal data only with your willing consent. The user, who has provided with their personal data, has the right for their alteration and removal, as well as the right to recall the agreement to data processing. In case of disagreement with these conditions, the user must abstain from using this resource. website administration reserves the right to terminate the provision of services to the user unilaterally, without compensation of material resources to the user and without explaining the reasons for denial of service.

With your permission, we can collect and process the following data:

1.1 For the purposes of this Policy, “user’s personal information” means:

1.1.1 Personal information that the user provides about himself independently when leaving the application, or in another process of using the Site;

1.1.2 Data that is automatically transmitted by the Site during its use is collected by the the software installed on the user’s device, including IP address, cookie information, information about the user’s browser (or other program that accesses the site), access time, address of the requested page;

The purposes for which we collect your personal data are: improvement of our service, communication with visitors to this site, user data processing for the purpose of online sales, providing services associated with the website’s specialization, and for other actions listed below. We can collect and process the following data:

  • name and surname;
  • e-mail address;
  • phone number;
  • user cookies.

1.2 This Policy applies only to and does not control and is not responsible for third party sites which the user can go to from Such sites may collect other personal information from the user, and other actions may also be performed;

1.3 The site generally does not verify the accuracy of personal information provided by users, and does not control their legal capacity. However, the Site proceeds from the fact that the user provides reliable and sufficient personal information on the issues proposed in the forms of this resource, and keeps this information up to date.

2. Purposes of collecting and processing personal information of users.

2.1 The Site collects and stores only personal data that is necessary to provide services and / or provide other values ​​for visitors to the Site;

2.2 The user’s personal information can be used for the following purposes:

2.2.1 Identification of the party within the framework of agreements and contracts with the site;

2.2.2 Providing the user personalized services and other values;

2.2.3 Communication with the user, including sending notifications, requests and information regarding the use of the site, the provision of services, as well as processing requests and applications from the user;

2.2.4 Improving the quality of the site, ease of use, UX, development of new services;

2.2.5 Transfer of data to third parties in order to provide our services of the resource (for example, delivery of goods by courier, transport company, and others);

2.2.6 Conclusion, execution and termination of civil law contracts with individuals, legal entities, individual entrepreneurs and other persons, in cases stipulated by the current legislation and/or the Charter of the enterprise.

3. Conditions for processing the user’s personal information and its transfer to third parties:

3.1 The site stores personal information of users in accordance with the internal regulations of specific services;

3.2 With regard to the user’s personal information, its confidentiality is maintained, except in cases where the user voluntarily provides information about himself for general access to an unlimited number of persons;

3.3 The site has the right to transfer the user’s personal information to third parties in the following cases:

3.3.1 The user has expressed his consent to such actions, by consent, expressed in the provision of such data;

3.3.2 The transfer is necessary as part of the user’s use of a particular site, or to provide a service to the user;

3.3.3 The transfer is provided for applicable legislation within the framework of the procedure established by law;

3.3.4 In order to ensure the possibility of protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Site or third parties.

3.4 When processing personal data of users, the Site is guided by the Law “On Personal Data”.

4. Change by the user of personal information:

4.1 The user can at any time change (update, supplement) the personal information provided by him or part of it, as well as withdraw his consent to the processing of personal data by leaving a statement to the site administration by calling the phone number indicated on the Site.

5. Measures taken to protect the personal information of users:

5.1 The site takes the necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect the user’s personal information from unauthorized or accidental access, destruction, modification, blocking, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with it.

6. Changing the Privacy Policy. Applicable Law.

6.1 The site has the right to make changes to this Privacy Policy.

6.2 This Policy and the relationship between the user and the Site arising in connection with the application of the Privacy Policy is subject to the application of law and criminal liability on the part of the reporting law enforcement agencies.

6.3 The resource reserves the right to transfer the collected information about its users, in case of such a need, to law enforcement agencies, at their request.

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