Terms of Use

Terms of use

Public offer: Products are provided by the ProxyLine.net service by the principle “as it is” and the Service not responsible for the causing or the opportunity of causing harm to user, his information or the business due to the use or inability to use the products of the service. On our servers are prohibited:
  • Scams, hacks, insults, threats and slander;
  • Password selection (brutfors), port scan and vulnerability;
  • Create phishing websites;
  • Spam (including spam in forums, websites, blogs), any activity that may cause the IP address of the server to be reached Black Leaves (BlockList.de, SpamHaus, StopForumSpam, SpamCop, etc.);
  • E-mail newsletters;
  • Distribution of malware (viruses, Trojans and anything that CAN affect the work);
  • Hack sites and look for your vulnerabilities (including sql-inj);
  • Distribution of materials without the knowledge of the copyright holder (video, music, software, etc.);
  • Violation of the laws of the country where the server you are connecting to is located;
  • Mass registration of accounts on various services, forums and social networks;
If you commit unlawful acts, you have full personal, administrative and criminal responsibility for all acts and their consequences. Work in black with payment systems and banks is prohibited. In case of violation of the Terms of Use, the Service reserves the right to unilaterally terminate Customer Service without the possibility of recovery.

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