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How to check Internet speed

             Consistently high speed Internet connection is an important condition for comfortable and efficient work on the network. You can check this indicator on a computer, phone or other device online using special services. To get accurate results, before checking the speed of the IP address, it is recommended to disable applications, programs designed to download files, since they take up a significant part of the traffic.                          

Why measure the speed of the Internet

             You should periodically check the speed of your Internet connection for the reason that service providers often “embellish” the actual performance. Providers report only the maximum possible bandwidth of network channels, but do not notify users of what parameters it can decrease to.             

How to check Internet speed on Windows

             Before you measure the speed of the Internet, it’s worthwhile to figure out how it can decrease. The quality of the connection depends on the following factors:              The tariff plan set by the provider.                 The load on the Internet by other users - for example, many note that in the evening the connection speed drops sharply.                 Phone or PC operating system settings.                 Server address - this is relevant for users using anonymous IP. The farther the proxy is from your current location, the lower the connection speed.                 Using programs that take away Internet traffic - for example, if you download content using torrents, web pages may load more slowly.                 The parameters of the equipment used to connect to the network (Wi-Fi router, network adapter, etc.).                 The presence of malicious files, virus programs. Before checking the speed of the Internet online, it is recommended to scan your phone or computer for viruses.                 The quality of communications (Internet cable, sockets, wire connections) indoors.                  In order for the IP address speed test to give reliable results, it is necessary to conduct a direct connection test (not through a router). Often, the bandwidth of a channel when using a router deteriorates not through the fault of the provider - the cause may be interference from working household appliances, the “unsuccessful” location of the router, and other Wi-Fi networks.                     You can check the Internet speed on Windows in the "Network and Sharing Center" section or use online services - the second method is simpler and faster, because to get reliable information, you just need to specify an IP address.             

IP Address Speed ​​Test Results

             For Internet users who are interested in watching movies online, chatting on social networks and visiting entertainment portals, the optimal connection speed is at least 4 megabits per second. Please note that foreign sites load slower. However, even for them, 10 Mbps is enough.                 It is advisable to repeat the test 3-4 times, comparing the information received - this is how you check the Internet speed that the provider really provides.             

Check Internet connection speed

             Using our service, you can check the speed of the Internet on your phone, computer, laptop or tablet. The results of the check will show the real capabilities of the network, because cases when the data declared by the provider differ from the actual ones are not uncommon.                 Testing the speed of IP addresses online allows you to find out:              Check time.                 Reliable information about the incoming and outgoing data exchange speed between the phone (PC) and the Internet.                 Ping changes - response time to user actions. The lower this score, the better the connection quality.                  To start checking the speed of IP addresses online, registration on the site is not required - enter the ip in the appropriate field and get the result in a matter of minutes.

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