API for proxy checker facilitate private servers validity and efficiency checking process. The need to apply software arises for users that work with large number of IP addresses for social network account promotion, search requests parsing, keywords collection etc.             


             To get proxy online for free is a good decision if you want:             
  • To visit websites, forums and social network pages freely even if your main address previously was blacklisted.
  • To post advertisements and feedback unlimitedly on web portals that require link to geographic region by IP – in this regard free Russian working proxies are much in demand.
  • To make social network accounts promotion using special soft (Instatool, Vkbot etc.)
  • To level-up characters in online games with the help of bots and cheatcodes. Using good free proxies facilitates to avoid blacklisting for violation of gaming rules.
  • To watch video content unavailable for your region.
  • To facilitate search requests parsing and semantic core compiling. Private proxy is an indispensible working tool of SEO optimizer.
             Don’t use free online proxy servers for mailing spam, brute-force accounts attacking, payment systems hacking and prohibited content distribution not to be blacklisted.             


             Inexperienced users don’t see the difference between paid and free versions or proxy, because the principle their work is the same. However, comparing to individual IP addresses public proxies are characterized:             
  • By the low internet connection screed.
  • By the high-level ping – that’s why using free proxies for online gaming is not always convenient.
  • The absence of guarantees. Since several people at once can use one free proxy there’s a possibility that the server that you picked is already banned on the web resource that you need. In this case there are none to present claims to – you’ll have to waste your time on searching new working address.
  • Not appropriate level of anonymity – for this reason it’s not recommended to use free servers if you regularly leave valuable data in the web (payment info, phone numbers, pin numbers to bank cards).
  • The absence of feedback – in the case of malfunctioning of working proxy you’ll have to search and to eliminate the cause of it yourself.
             Connecting via free server is not always effectively protected. That’s why if you use public IP, we recommend to perform IP dares efficiency online checking periodically. This way you will provide yourself with the maximum protection of your personal info.             


            On our website you will find the latest free proxies that will satisfy you with the good speed, high level of privacy and longevity. We offer you working servers supporting HTTP(S) and SOCKS protocols that are designed for work and internet surfing. There are available IP addresses of Russia, USA, countries of Europe and Russia's neighboring states. Impressively-looking list of proxy servers allows you to pick up promptly IP address by region, privacy level and location instead of wasting time on searching for working proxies in the web. The base of IP addresses that are checked for validity is regularly updated.         

Аffiliate program

The affiliate program allows you to earn 10% of all lifetime customer payments linked to your affiliate link.
Для участия в программе вам необходимо:
Привлекайте к нам новых клиентов по реферальной ссылке – зарегистрировались по вашему
по ссылке пользователь закрепляется за вами пожизненно и со всех его выплат вы будете получать 10%.
И он также закреплен за вами пожизненно и вы будете получать процент со всех его выплат.
Партнерское вознаграждение может отображаться на WebMoney, Юмани, Qiwi,
Банковская карта, или используйте ее для оплаты любых услуг нашего сервиса.
To participate in the program, you just need:
Attract new customers to us using a referral link – registered using your
the link, the user is assigned to you for life and from all his payments you will receive 10%.
And it is also assigned to you for life and you will receive a percentage from all his payments.
Affiliate reward can be displayed on  WebMoney, Yumani, Qiwi,
A bank card, or use it to pay for any services of our service.
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