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             Accessibility port checking allows to define the level computer protection against intruders and hacker attacks. You can do this using special online services if you know unique number and address. After accessing internet the device gets personal IP from your provider and from this moment is referred to by this number. Knowing the result of IP address port checking is easier to see the holes in the networks that are being used and to eliminate problems fast.             


            Ports, the accessibility of that is being defined by the scanner, are being opened on request when the certain program is going to interact with remote servers. As the result of that connection to this port becomes possible. Each port has its own reserved number. You can check only this number. It’s provided by TCP or IP protocol. So, if the observer connects to the port, which number matches the certain website, then in response the browser accepts encrypted data – this code displays as the Web source. IP address port accessibility checking is possible if IP address is assigned to computer of mobile phone. You may request your provider to refine this information.             


            As the result of port IP address accessibility port checking may turn out to be:             
  • Closed. It indicates that now it’s not possible to connect to the port through the server. According to it your computer data is effectively protected against hacker attacks and intruders. «Closed» status shows high level of confidentiality. If it’s needed inaccessible port is open, then it’s the result of incorrect internet connection settings or software settings. In this situation it’s recommended to check access privileges of the certain program.
  • Open. Port openness indicates its accessibility to the internet users and the possibility of connecting to the port through the remote server. If it’s not needed, then you should check working services — probably in this moment they are using this port for connect to the Internet. The common reason of the port accessibility is malware impact. To avoid the loss of personal data you should perform virus testing of your computer.
             During port checking on the server it’s important to consider that if the gadget is connected to the web via Wi-Fi router, then the results of accessibility scanning is actually related to router. It’s possible to check accessibility in subnets by executing port forwarding. This process implies adjusting router settings, after that users requests from the Internet is redirected to the computers that are connected to the local web. You can perform IP address accessibility port checking on your device or using special software. The last variant is more preferable, because except accessibility checking many free utilities display other important information like server location, level of privacy, ping etc.              

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