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If you haven’t ever thought of or never paid attention to this then you should note that your computer has unique mold with the following characteristics:
  • IP Address
  • Country
  • City
  • Operating system
  • The name and version of browser
  • Display resolution, etc.
Why do you need to know this? Everything is simple: there are special free online services like our that define your anonymity in the web. The essence of such helpers is that they define IPs, check the visibility of your computer in the Internet, whether the data provided by your computer or browser match the data provided by your IP address and also clarify if you’re blacklisted. By the way, blacklist checking is one of the most common reasons why why user wants to visit the Internet anonymously. We offer to use our online proxy checker service. This instrument allows to check if IP address of your mail service is listed at least in one of 220 biggest word blacklists. How does it work? When you enter service for privacy check all information on you is being saved. During the future visit the identification is also being performed and the system defines your anonymity level and whether you’re blacklisted.


Of course when you bump into such service you feel uncomfortable: actually all information about you, your computer and local is visible. And you thought that all your actions in the Internet, what webpages you’re visiting and i hidden and anonymous. No, obviously it’s not so. And furthermore, private visits to the World Wide Web doesn’t exist. Only if not to abandon the Internet and to switch to the touch-tone telephone. But you’re hardly ready to sacrifice such level of comfort. But there are several methods of maximum protection from the prying eyes. You only need to follow these rules:
  • Don’t apply for countdown cards that offer you shops when you buy something. Yes, of course you will lose a chance to participate profitable promotions and wouldn’t save bunch of money, but your personal info would leak for parts unknown. Remember once and for all: countdown cards is being applied to access your persona information and not to make your day with another countdown.
  • Delete your accounts from all social networks. If it’s impossible, then keep the main, but erase all your personal info and change your photo to the ordinary image.
Obviously you know why it’s no good to post histories with photos and geolocation. The simple reason is that you may be robbed, dismissed, convicted for just a post on your webpage. By the way, insurance companies and banks observe your accounts and there is a possibility of loan denial or of credit rate hike if the information from your webpage arouse suspicion.
  • Disable auto-connect to Wi-Fi networks on your phone. There are companies placing in the city routers that read mac address of the phone for getting access to your current location and movement. It’s made to scan your personal info and to provide it to third parties.
  • Don’t use for payment in shops debit or credit card. Withdraw cash and pay in it. When you effect payment the bank automatically systemize information on your purchases, movement, and also can sell that info to anyone if it’s needed.
  • Set on your smartphone accesses denial to your geolocation, contacts and personal info.
  • Install VPN for your provider couldn’t trace you. Plaid one is better, because free ones have a tendency to get access to your personal info and sell it.
  • Install ad-blocking app, that will block cookies and other info about your actions in the Internet.
And most importantly, before registering on any site, in the application or when making a purchase, think about why they need your personal information. Your data is only yours. Take care of them.

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