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  • Individual proxies 100MB/sec
  • Low prices
  • cheaper Wholesale
Individual proxies from 36 rubles per month Общие прокси сервера iPv4 для всех
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    We buy proxies at a "wholesale" price and set the price without significant extra charges. We are ready to provide any volumes

  • PROXY iPv4, iPv6 and Shared IN ONE PLACE BUY from 1Ip

    You can buy everything in one place and buy from 1 Ip. And it is convenient to extend the lease


    Sell individual proxies in one hand IPv4 and IPv6

    and PERSONAL account

    Proxy activation is automated: when you pay, activated proxies come to the specified e-mail and access to the Personal account for renewal comes

  • API for

    The Api allows you to integrate the purchase and renewal of the proxy to your service


    After purchase, given in two formats SOCKS5 and HTTP(S) proxy. And optionally bind to IP to work with the format ip;port(without login and password).

  • SAFE

    Do not like – exchange proxy for another is automated in Your account or refund the money. This is done within a day after purchase


    Due to the powerful servers, and professional configuration and support of the server, we provide stable operation of all servers. Experience of system administrators 15 years.

Proxy for Other Online game

Individual IPv4 PROXY See for what purposes

Issued in one hand
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Choose the IP address manually
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IPv4 Shared PROXY See for what purposes

Use up to 3 people
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Choose the IP address manually
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IPv6/32 PROXY See for what purposes

Issued in one hand
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  • Proxies are issued automatically immediately after payment
  • Our paid proxies are provided exclusively in one hand - it means that nobody uses them except you
  • Our proxies are completely anonymous
  • If you need proxies for another country or a large quantity, email us: [email protected]

Buy proxies for other online games at affordable prices

Using a proxy for other online games is a good way to quickly achieve the desired results and get the most pleasant impressions from your favorite entertainment. In addition to interesting leisure, advanced gamers acquire individual IP for additional earnings on the development of game accounts, protection of personal information from leaks of Internet scammers and hackers.

proxy Features for online gaming

The need to buy proxy servers for online games occurs if you:

  • Promote your character with the help of special programs and various bots. For promoted accounts on the Internet auctions offer good prices.
  • the

  • Permite game values using cheatcode.
  • you Want to access the site blocked by the provider at the place of work (study) or by the decision of the legislation of your country. Proxies for other online games help to forget about the restrictions, even if you are banned for violating the rules of the service from the main IP address.
  • Work with multiple profiles. Support game portals monitors such actions – so, by logging in to 2, 3 or more akkov with one IP, you risk being blacklisted. With private proxies this problem is easily avoided.
  • Use mods and add-ons for games.
  • Regularly enter passwords, logins, payment information in online games – c elite proxy personal data is securely protected.


the benefits of a personal proxy

In addition to anonymity in the network, paid proxy servers provide the user with:

  1. Low ping.
  2. High speed connection due to the ability of proxies for online games to cache data.
  3. Unlimited traffic, allowing you to download even "heavy" files in seconds.
  4. the

  5. Stable operation – because private proxies are only you, about the problems with the page loading and faults on the server you can forget.

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