Information: My IP Address


Information: My IP Address


IP of your computer. Verify your IP address

             To find out your IP, you do not have to download third-party programs from the Internet. You can obtain detailed information about the location of a computer or mobile device online or in the network connection settings. Knowing your real IP, the sites you visited are able to find out the country, city, region of residence and even the zip code. Even more information is known to the Internet provider - this is the username, actual address, phone number, payment information. This way, authorities can track visits to web sites with prohibited content.             

When you need to know your IP address

             Going to the Internet with a real IP, we leave a lot of information about ourselves that, falling into the hands of network fraudsters, can be used for personal gain. Having learned the IP address of a computer, attackers are able to calculate:                           Each personal computer has its own IP, with which you can track any movement of the user on the network. Knowing this, many try to hide the actual location using private proxies. Individual servers act as an intermediary between the user and the Internet portal, which must be reached. It’s worth knowing your IP address if you want to maintain confidentiality using anonymizers. This is especially true for users who use free proxies, since in this case a regular check of the IP for efficiency and level of anonymity is required.                 The need to find out your IP address and location arises when working with secure websites. Sometimes the system administrator may request information about the location of the computer.             

Get IP Address: Basic Ways

             You can find out the IP address of your computer in the connection settings, in the "Network and Sharing Center" section, or using the command line. The information obtained will allow you to check the current IP for Internet connection speed, validity and privacy level. Please note that there are two types of personal addresses for accessing the network:                           Finding your computer’s location online is easier and more convenient by checking the address using a specialized service.             

Get your IP online

             Find your location by IP in a matter of seconds on our website. We guarantee users:                           The service will help not only to find out your IP on the Internet for free, but also to determine in the black lists of which web resources your address is located, which OS and browser are installed on your computer, indicate the features of the proxy server used.         

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