IP check for blacklists and spam databases


Check ip address for blacklist

             Our life, work and communication are closely connected with the Internet. Each user has an e-mail, on which there is a need to transfer important information. It so happens that letters do not reach the addressee and we need to figure out what is the reason.                 Often there is a need to check a suspicious IP that sends spam and behind which, possibly, fake bots and hackers are hiding. In the article, we will analyze in detail what the IP verification is, the criteria for the delivery of letters, the reasons for getting them into black lists and the principle of the verification service.                              

Why do we need to check IP for its presence in spam databases

             If your IP got into a spam database, mail will be rejected by you with spam filters, even if you are a decent user and you haven’t sent spam. The reasons for this are simple:                           We can say with confidence that sooner or later any IP will get into the blacklist. And to check if you’ve specifically appeared in one of the 220 largest world spam lists, or if you yourself need to check any suspicious protocol, use the proxy checker service.             

Criteria for delivering letters to the recipient

             So, when we start sending out information, we use the IP of our Internet provider. If we do newsletters using a special service, their protocol is used. And it’s IP that can derail even the coolest advertising company, the development of which took months of work. Let's see why.                 After sending, the letter goes through spam filters, which decide whether the letter reaches the addressee. In this case, spam filters are guided by the rating of the sender and the content of the message. That is why, remember, the cleaner the IP, the higher the rating and the more likely it is that the sent message will be sent to incoming messages, and not blacklisted. If the rating is high, the spam filter does not bother at all and doesn’t “read” letters, but simply gives the green light to send.             

What Affects IP Reputation

             So, the main reasons for IP to get into the blacklist are:                           It happens that you are clean and there’s nothing to complain about, and your letters will still be in the spam database. In this case, there is a possibility that you got a “bad” IP or the server got the IP from the black list. Often this happens if you use virtual mailing services, and not professional ones, where a dedicated IP is used. We recommend using only professional mailers.             

How the proxy checker works

             So, we already know that the IP address verification service was created in order to quickly obtain information about the protocol. The principle of operation is as follows:                           After a couple of seconds you get the result in the form of a list of DNSBL networks from several databases, or the answer is “yes” or “no”. That's all. Simple, fast, informative.

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