Our life, work and communication are closely linked to the internet. Each user has e-mail, and there is a need to exchange important information through it. Sometimes it happen that letters don’t reach their addressee, and we need to know the reason of it. Often there is a necessity of checking suspicious IP, that is sending spam, and that probably masks false bots and hackers. It this article we will extensively discuss for what is used IP checking, what is the criteria of delivering mail, the reason of getting mail into block lists and the principle of checking service work.


If your IP is in the blacklist, then mailboxes will block you with spam filters, even if you are the reliable user and have never send spam to anyone. The reasons of it are simple:
  • There is a possibility that you was given IP detected as a source of spam
  • The addressee have decided that he doesn’t need your mail.
We can responsibly tell you that sooner or later any IP gets into blacklist. And for checking whether in got listed in one of 220 largest world blacklist, or if you want to check some suspicious protocol yourself, use proxy checker service.


So, when we start mailing info we use our internet provider IP. If we create mail with the help of some special services — then we use their protocol. And it’s exactly IP that can derail even the coolest ad campaign, to development of which you spent months of work. Let’s figure out why. After sending the letter passes through spam filters that decide whether mail would reach addressee. And hereby spam filters target to the rating of sender and the content of message. That’s why remember – the cleaner IP, the higher rating and the higher possibility that sent mail will get to inbox message folder and not to blacklist. If rating is high, then spam filter wouldn’t bother to «read» letters and just approve sending.


Now, the main reasons of IP getting into blacklists are:
  • The amount of mailing from one server
  • A lot of complains and bans of senders mailings
  • Sending spam on purpose
  • Breaking unspoken rules of online behavior
  • If in the letter there’s a link to domains that are already blacklisted
  • Incorrectly edited text from the point of view of spam-filter
Sometimes it happens that you’re clean and there’s nothing to blame you in, and your letters get into blacklist. In this case there’s a possibility that you were given “bad” IP or the server got blacklisted IP. It often occurs then you use virtual and not professional mailing services where dedicated IP is used. We recommend you to use only professional mailers.         

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