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What is a proxy server and how does it work?

Proxy is an intermediary between devices which are used and online web content. The main point of such an anonymizer is in sending requests and receiving answers. The real user IP-address is hiding carefully. Personal IP holds information about location, internet provider and device used for internet connection. Each proxy server online has an assigned address, which, when used, replaces the personal IP, thus keeping anonymity and securing any personal user data. To connect to the server, you need to set the settings in the browser or operating system. All subsequent requests will be made through the proxy address. All proxy servers are divided into two main types:
  • Transparent. Traffic is redirected to the Mediation Server using a router. A transparent proxy does not change user data and does not mask the address. Often used for corporate purposes to control employees.
  • Reverse. Such a server enhances the security of the Internet connection by requesting web content directly from its address.
There is also a more popular classification of proxies according to the method of data transfer:
  • HTTP. The most popular type of connection that solves many problems. Proxies are compatible with almost any software.
  • SOCKS. A less common type of proxy, which is compatible with only some programs. SOCKS connection requires the installation of ancillary software in order to be used effectively.
  • CGI. Anonymous proxy servers that function only through the browser. Other programs do not support this type of connection.
  • FTP. The proxy type is popular in corporate and other networks. It plays an important role in protecting the device from external threats.

Working proxies: the main functions

The first and the main purpose of proxy servers is to mask personal IP. This is done to access restricted sites, protect personal information, and for other purposes. The main proxy servers functions:
  • Protect your device from network attacks.
  • Saving traffic consumption by compressing web data.
  • Data caching in order to reduce the load on access to the external network. The user receives the requested information faster because a copy of the web content is stored on the server.
  • Access to blocked resources in a specific region.
  • Filtering available sites. You can independently block access to specific resources, set a traffic limit, filter ads and limit network use to local users.
  • Confidentiality. Online proxy servers protect personal data by spoofing the IP address.
  • Effective online business promotion. A private address can be used to manage multiple accounts, as well as effective search engine parsing.
Depending on the type of connection, the proxy is configured in several ways:
  • Browser setup. To do this, go to “settings” and open the system window in which the server name is entered.
  • Special programs for customization. There is software, the so-called proxifiers, in which the user activates anonymous proxy servers. The subscriber needs to register the gateway data in the appropriate section.
  • Windows setup. Proxy activation in the operating system is carried out in the “Network and Internet” section. By opening the “Internet Options” tab, you go to connections and configure the server with the address and port value. You can change or delete your address at any time.

Fast proxies at Proxyline

Proxyline online service offers the best internet proxy servers with​​ high performance. Private addresses have the highest loading speed and show many possibilities. You will ensure your confidentiality of data and get access to any resource. The Proxyline assortment includes servers proxy of different countries, proxies for social networks, search engine parsing purposes, software, online games, bulletin boards, browsers, etc.

Benefits of buying fast proxy servers from Proxyline

We offer multifunctional and stable proxies for private rental. The main advantages for proxy server order:
  • Speed up to 100 mb/s.
  • Low prices, bulk rental.
  • IP replacement and refund guarantee.
  • Automated work.
  • Functioning in HTTP and SOCKS5 formats.
  • Automatic lease renewal, the ability to delete and add new addresses to the order.
  • About 2000 networks and subnets.
  • Binding up to three IPs to one order.
  • Personal account on the site for order management.
  • 24/7 technical support via chat.
  • Rent for a period of 5 to 360 days.
  • Manual IP, subnet and location selection.

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