PROXY FOR WOT Service for renting Individual IP addresses for your business

PROXY FOR WOT Service for renting Individual IP addresses for your business
  • Individual proxies 100MB/sec
  • Low prices
  • cheaper Wholesale
  • 120 different subnets
  • money back Guarantee within 24h
  • Unlimited traffic and streams
  • Convenient API and personal account
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Our advantages
Individual proxies up to 100 mb/sec
The lowest prices on the proxy market, cheaper in bulk
48 Hours Refund/Replacement Address Guaranteed
Stable work of proxy addresses
Everything is automated. Proxies are activated immediately after payment
When renewing, you can remove or add new IPs to the order. There is also Auto-renewal
HTTP/SOCKS5 protocols. The system produces automatically in two formats at once
Manual IP selection and subnet selection, you can also select a city
IP binding (up to 3 IPs per order)
1800 different networks and subnets
Convenient multi-functional API and personal account
Buy from 1 IP for a rental period of 5 days or more
Technical support and live chat work from 24/7. Seven days a week
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IPv4 Shared PROXY See for what purposes

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IPv6/32 PROXY See for what purposes

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Attention!!! Our proxies are only suitable for white purposes
By purchasing our proxies, you agree to the terms of User Agreement and Privacy Policy
Many payment methods:
Using wot proxy for a comfortable game is a common phenomenon, because this method allows:


  • to Circumvent regional lockout and solve the problems of access via local server. The second option is relevant if you want to play wot at work, school or in a public place.
  • Register and develop multiple accounts.

Private proxy server for wot is indispensable if you need to bypass the restrictions and speed up the process of pumping the game character.

Benefits of anonymous proxies for wot

Run and play World of Tanks through individual proxies is in the following cases:

  1. There is a slow response to feedback, which makes it harder to achieve good results. Proxy will provide low ping at high download speed, no lags and server failures.
  2. Closes ports required for the game.
  3. You create and promote a large number of accounts at the same time. Since such actions are regarded as support service as “unfair” methods of gaining experience and network earnings, can not do without a proxy server. The use of multi-accounts will improve the reputation and subsequently earn on the sale of accounts.
  4. the

  5. using the bot programs and chitkodov. By purchasing a proxy for wot checker, you will reduce the time for pharming values and earning game currency.
  6. I Want to protect the maximum account from Brutus.

Guidelines for using proxies for wot

When planning to buy a proxy for wot, it is worth considering that for maximum protection from black lists, experienced gamers are advised to use one IP for each account, periodically changing addresses. The choice of the tariff depends on the requirements of the buyer to the duration of the server lease, the number and the country – so, the players are available proxy USA, Russia, England, the Netherlands and many other countries.
Buy proxy cheaper than looking for public IP, as free addresses are regularly blocked by gaming services and do not protect the user’s private data from Brutus. Given that the game can not do without entering passwords, and sometimes payment information, this is a serious drawback. Only unique paid servers can guarantee stability, functionality and security.
Please note that using a proxy for wot Brutus is not recommended, since activities involving hacking into other people’s accounts and stealing valuable items are considered illegal. By purchasing a personal server for such purposes, you risk getting into the block not only on the game portal, but also on the website of the service provider. In addition to Brutus, personal proxies are not used for Internet fraud, computer hacking, distribution of viral content.


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