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What is an Internet browser and which functions does it perform?

Browser is a special program for web surfing, file downloading and other purposes. Operating system (OS) history began in 1993 from NCSA Mosaic, which was developed specifically for Windows systems. From that time browsers constantly improved, giving users more high loading speed, security and other advantages. Browser web interface is designed to view and download web content. It’s provided as an addition to programs or as a separate unit free of charge. The browser works on the following principle: the user’s request is transmitted to the web server, from where the response and the broadcast of the requested content are received. The program processes information and presents it in a convenient form. Now such browsers are widespread among users – Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari. Despite the software advantages, sooner or later the question of online security and the protection of personal data arises. For this purpose, a browser proxy is used – an intermediary server with a unique IP and a package of functions.

Proxy browser: it’s main advantages and functions

Users are stucking with viruses and malwares on a regular basis on the web. In order to protect your device from hacker attack and gain access to restricted websites, browser proxy is used. Beside that, the Internet proxy server speeds up content loading with data caching. Website data is copied in advance, thus decreasing network load and saving traffic. Users often turn to free browser proxies. However, such extensions have a number of disadvantages:
  • publicity;
  • use of a server from the “black lists”;
  • lack of protection of personal information;
  • low download speed due to a large flow of users;
  • loss of performance at any time.
Individual online proxy browsers demonstrate higher efficiency in everyday life or professional use. It does a number of things well:
  • High speed loading of web content. The proxy caches page data in advance, passing it directly to the user.
  • Protection of personal data. The server hides your personal IP address, blocking competitors and intruders from accessing your computer.
  • Access to blocked resources. Anonymous browser proxies allow you to bypass local and regional restrictions in order to freely use the necessary sites, applications and social networks.
  • Filtering unwanted resources. The server is blocking advertisers from accessing your location. As a result, you will not see intrusive ads.
  • Control of network connections. Widely used by large companies to track the work of employees and block access to entertainment content.
  • Effective SEO-promotion of goods and services. Using a proxy through a browser contributes to high-quality parsing of web pages, setting up ads, maintaining multiple accounts in social networks, etc. You will remain invisible to the search engine and Internet resources, as well as avoid blocking for increased activity.

Where to buy the best proxy for web browsing?

If you are looking for a working proxy server for your browser, ProxyLine will offer a profitable and high-quality IP address. Private proxies can be rented for a period of 5 to 360 days by linking up to three IPs to one order. You can buy a proxy for Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Safari, etc. from us. The main advantages of the ProxyLine service:
  • Private address speed up to 100 Mb/s.
  • Affordable cost and wholesale prices.
  • Guarantee for a refund and replacement of a proxy within 48 hours.
  • Stable server operation.
  • Address activation immediately after payment.
  • Possibility of automatic renewal of the order.
  • Work in two protocols – HTTPS and SOCKS5.
  • Manual proxy, subnet and location selection.
  • Technical support 24/7 in online chat.
If you need qualified assistance in choosing and connecting an address, you can always contact our managers. The official website has a 24/7 chat possibility with a specialist.

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