Instructions for setting up a proxy in browsers / software / extensions

Instructions. How to configure iPv6 proxy on windows in 30 seconds

Ipv6 proxies are considered an improved version of ipv4 with a perfect encryption type that provides maximum protection of the personal data of the Internet user. This type of protocol has many undeniable advantages:
  • Possibility to acquire a dynamic address, even if a statistical IP address is used.
  • High connection speed and significant traffic savings thanks to data cache storage.
  • An acceptable cost, which is due to a lot of free ip.
  • High degree of privacy.
  • The guarantee to avoid the blockages of any web portal.
IPv6 proxies are essential for SEO optimization, promotion of products and services on social networks, web browsing. The only point-many Russian social networks and popular sites are not yet compatible with the sixth version, but the transition to it in the future is inevitable. We offer you a step-by-step guide to configure ipv6 in Windows and disable the proxy. Buy custom IPv6 proxy for any purpose

Configure ipv6 proxy in Windows

To start with, it is recommended to check if your connection type is compatible with such proxy protocol-this is especially important if the payment version is used. Go to the network management and Shared Access Center, click on The Connection tab and then look for the version 6 protocol connection option in the properties section. The windows proxy configuration process is as follows: The process of setting up a proxy server on windows OS looks like this:
  1. Open the “Control Panel” and go to the “Browser Properties” section.
  2. As a result, the Internet Properties window will open. You can get into this section in another way: at the same time we hold down the key with the designation of Windows and the “R” button. In the field that appears, enter inetcpl.cpl.
  3. Move to the “Connections” tab and click “Network Setup”. Sometimes it is also called “LAN Setup.”
  4. We allow the use of proxy for local connections by ticking the appropriate option.
  5. In the required fields, enter the ip address and the working port of the server used. If necessary, you can set certain proxy settings or select the “one proxy server for all protocols” function by marking the corresponding line in the “Advanced” section.
  6. Save the changes by clicking the “OK” button.
Such instructions are suitable for activating an individual proxy server on any version of Windows. Please note: if you have a list of websites for which you do not need a personal IP, enter the addresses with a semicolon in the line “Do not use a proxy server for …”. If necessary, you can change the settings of the proxy-server in the same way – for example, when you decide to use another ip, or the list of addresses for which you do not need to use a proxy, is replenished. Do not forget to confirm all performed manipulations by clicking on “OK”.

Disable ipv6 proxy server on windows

To stop using the operating system through a private proxy, re-enter the “Internet Properties” section using the above instruction and select the “Connections tab. Then look for a section that indicates switching connections and VPN networks. Specify the type of connection you want to use in the future and open network settings. Disable proxy use for this connection by removing the check mark from the corresponding option and click OK. Therefore, you will return to work or browse the web in normal mode. Turning off the proxy is not a personal whim of the user, but rather a necessity that arises if the selected server is not satisfied with the quality. To avoid proxy problems, we recommend you purchase proven IP payment that is characterized by functionality, reliability and stable data loading speed.
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