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             If you did not think or attach importance, keep in mind that your computer has a unique nugget that has the following characteristics:                           Why do you need to know this. It's simple - there are special free services like ours, which determines your anonymity on the network. The essence of such assistants is that it determines the IP, checks the degree of visibility of your computer on the Internet, how much the data provided by your computer / browser matches the data provided by your IP address, and also determines whether you are banned somewhere .                 By the way, ban checking is one of the most common reasons why a user wants to access the Internet anonymously. We suggest using our online service - proxy checker. The tool allows you to check whether the IP address of the mail server is included in the spam list in at least one of the 220 largest world spam lists.                 How does it all work? When you go to the privacy check service, all information about you is stored. On the next visit, identification also takes place and the system determines your privacy and ban.             

How to protect yourself on the Internet

             Of course, having stumbled upon such a service, it becomes uncomfortable - in fact, all the information about you, your computer and the place you are in full view. But it seemed to us that everything we do on the Internet, which sites we go to, etc., is hidden or anonymous. No, of course this is not so. Moreover, a private visit to the World Wide Web does not exist. If you just give up the Internet and switch to a push-button telephone. But you are unlikely to sacrifice that level of comfort. In order to protect yourself as much as possible from prying eyes, there are ways - just follow these tips:                           Surely you know why you shouldn’t post any of your stories with a photograph and an indication of geolocation. Well, just because you can be robbed, fired, convicted just for a regular post on your page. By the way, insurance companies and banks are examining your accounts and there is a chance of refusing loans or raising interest rates if information from the pages is suspicious.                           And most importantly, before registering on any site, in the application or when making a purchase, think about why they need your personal information. Your data is only yours. Take care of them.         

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